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Mrs. Chandler's Class

Welcome to Second Grade!
We will be celebrating August and September birthdays on Friday! 
If your child has an August or September birthday, please feel free to bring an individually wrapped, nut free snack on Friday.
Student screening will be between 8:00 and 8:25.
Please be sure to complete your health screening form before coming to school.
Homework and spelling words will be assigned on Monday. 
Please see my math and spelling pages for more information.  
All homework will be assigned through Google Classroom, Google Classroom
  Please refer to the email I had sent for your child's login information.
  You can check out our Class App on the About page,
or by clicking the link below.
Class App



Monday:  Technology

Tuesday: Art

Wednesday:  PE

Thursday: Music

Friday:  PE

​Click on the pictures below to explore our digital classroom.