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Our Learning for Week 2/7/2022 - 2/11/2022



Monday: PE                             

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: PE

Thursday: Art

Friday: Technology


Monday:  Topic 11-1

Monster, Graduation, Book, Education, Illustration

Tuesday: Topic 11-2

Wednesday: Topic 11-3

Thursday: Topic 11-4

Friday: Topic 11 Review



Monday: Unit 6 Contemporary Fiction Lesson 3

Tuesday:  Unit 6 Contemporary Fiction Lesson 4

Wednesday: Unit 6 Contemporary Fiction Lesson 5

Thursday:  Unit 6 Contemporary Fiction Lesson 6

Friday: Unit 6 Contemporary Fiction Lesson 7


Spelling : I use Sitton's Spelling and Amplify Curriculum 

This weeks spelling is from Sitton

Unit 14: we've, they're, animals, people, many, common, group, dark, past, example, because, about, American, girl, round, ball, their, there, its, another, velvety, metaphor, especially


Idiom: smart cookie



Our Focus in writing is to create detailed descriptions in their writing


Social Studies

This week we are focusing on Colorado History/ Treaties and statehood

Monday: Colorado History Week 18

Tuesday:  Colorado History Week 18

Wednesday: Colorado History Week 19

 Thursday: Colorado History Week 19

Friday: Colorado History Week 18 /19 Activities

File:Colorado regions map.png - Wikimedia Commons