Your Vote Counts 2022!

Your Vote Counts 2022! Less Than Two Weeks Left to Turn In Your Ballot!

Greetings Belle Creek Charter School Families!

Ballots should have arrived to you last week! To those who completed their ballots and mailed or dropped them at a 24-Hour Drop Box Location, thank you for actively participating in this year’s election! 

For those that have not yet completed and returned your ballot, we are writing again to encourage you to vote in this fall’s mid-term election! 

You can find the 24-Hour Drop Box location nearest to you at this link - or put your ballot in the mail if you complete it by October 31st. 

Adams County Elections recommends that if you complete your ballot after October 31st that you drop it at a 24-Hour Drop Box Location to make sure the ballot is received by November 8th.

October 31st is also the last day you can request a replacement ballot

To track your ballot once it is submitted, visit

27J Schools has a mill levy override question (5B) on the ballot. We encourage you to read your ballot, do your research on the issues and candidates, and vote!

As you know, 27J Schools had a bond and a mill levy override question on the ballot last November. The bond was successful. The mill levy override was not.

Of the 75,213 registered voters in 27J Schools boundaries, only 26,242 or 34.89% voted in last November’s election. See the election summary here.

“Democracy is not a spectator sport.”

Marian Wright Edelman

Your Vote Counts!