Commitment to Character

We are starting our Commitment to Character where we focus on a character trait here at Belle Creek Charter School. Our educators will review the character trait and what it means with students each month.  Throughout the month many examples will be provided and students will have an opportunity to receive a certificate.  

Commitment to Character has been successful for many years.  Please review the character trait for each month to provide support and conversations with your child.  Each month we will send out a reminder of the featured character trait. 

Thank you for all your support!

October-Respect, a positive way of treating or thinking about something or someone. 

November- Responsibility, doing the things you are expected to do each and every day.

December-Honesty, means to tell the truth-demonstrate honesty through our actions and our words.

January-Self-motivation, showing the ability to do what needs to be done, without influence from other people or situations.

February-Empathy, is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

March-Teamwork, is working respectfully and effectively with a group and doing your share.

April-Persevere, is the ability to keep doing something in spite of obstacles.  To push yourself to work through challenges.  

May-Leadership, is to help without being asked.  Someone who can inspire you and help you meet a goal.