World Kindness Day BINGO

Let's Celebrate World Kindness Day this year by playing BINGO. This year PTO will be holding a KINDNESS CHALLENGE starting Monday November 13th and ending Friday November 17th. Teacher's will hand out a BINGO card to each student. The student can choose to participate and play. This activity can be played throughout the week. Some of the acts of kindness that are featured on the bingo card include- put something in the recycle bin and invite someone who was eating alone to join me. 

Once a student fills out their BINGO card they can turn it into the front office to be entered into a drawing. PTO will pick up all BINGO CARDS on Friday Nov. 17th and will be drawing winners. Winners will be announced at the next PTO meeting on December 4th. Winners will receive a prize of their choice- a prize or gift card!! Students who won will be able to choose and pick up their prizes at the front desk on December 7th.