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“First, Comes Learning” is our guiding motto. From this simple statement, flows a  dramatic amount of information used to shape our school.



Motto, Mission and Vision Statement




Belle Creek is a Kindergarten through 8th Grade Charter School


 We use the Core Knowledge Sequence to teach all of our students and prepare them for high school and beyond. 

The Core Knowledge Curriculum Series™ provides comprehensive, content-rich learning materials based on

the Core Knowledge Sequence.

For additional detail on Core Knowledge please visit their website linked here: https://www.coreknowledge.org/


Belle Creek Charter School is a great place to learn. Don’t just take our word for it; here’s what others are saying…


What our staff is saying:


BCCS Special Education and CLD Coordinator

"I am so impressed with our staff's willingness to collaborate and accomplish remarkable growth for our traditionally under-served population of students. BCCS gives that small-school feeling but with all the support and services our educators and students need."


Stephanie Pope 6th Grade Teacher - 7 years

The camaraderie is unbeatable. I also love the support that I get for my classroom. I am encouraged to not just teach from the book, but to add learning tools that will enhance my lessons and encourage my student's learning experience. This also makes teaching more enjoyable for me as well. I get to bring something new into the classroom while watching my students thrive. There are also lots of opportunities to serve the community within the school environment. Clubs, sports, committees, or you can create your own thing too. I have thoroughly enjoyed working at Belle Creek!"



What our parents are saying:


"I love the way my daughter loves school "


“The teachers are caring and extremely qualified. They push our kids academically and strive for excellence. We love this school!”


"As a parent the thing I appreciate most about BCCS is the family environment. Belle Creek has always been a welcoming family environment"


"I love the communication. I know I will get at least 3 forms of communication for anything urgent and 2 for reminders. I almost never feel like I am in the dark."


“The school really is on the students’ side.”


“I feel like my kids are getting a wonderful education at Belle Creek. I am pleased with the high standards set for students (and parents).”


“My child has attended Belle Creek since Kindergarten – and the staff from teachers to the lunch room staff are always friendly, helpful, and have my child’s best interest at heart.”


“My child is thriving at Belle Creek. We love the diverse curriculum. Core Knowledge Nights and the anti-bully program. We feel safe here. The school is fantastic!”


“The thing I appreciate most about Belle Creek Charter School is the curriculum and high standards.”


 The communication, the sports programs, music, and academics are all high quality!”


“The middle school staff has high expectations for the children, but they learn a lot. They also develop great learning and lifelong habits as well as responsibility.”


"As a former parent of two children who went to BCCS from K-8th grade, I couldn't be more impressed with the rigorous education that they received from Belle Creek Charter School.  Going into high school, our children were way ahead of their peers in all academic areas."