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8th Grade Language Arts -- [email protected]

In 8th-grade language arts, we will be getting students ready for high school writing.  We will be reading a variety of texts - fiction and historical. The main works of fiction we will be working with are Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and Mary Shelly's Frankenstein. Non-fiction texts will cover areas in the U.S. Civil War, the holocaust during World War Two, and The Space Race.   
We will work on a variety of written pieces, including personal narrative, opinion papers, and argumentative essays.
This will be my second year teaching English at Belle Creek Charter School.  I have taught high school English and social studies at residential schools in Colorado, middle school math and English In Aurora Public Schools, and special education in 27J.  
I hold an undergraduate degree in economics, a master's in education, and I am currently working on a second master's degree in English and creative writing. I am certified to teach English, Social studies, middle school math, and special education in Colorado.
Prior to becoming a teacher, I was a U.S. Naval officer and a mid-level manager in the corporate world for about 10 years a piece.
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