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Uniform Information

Uniform Information 


Shirts, Sweatshirts, Sweaters

Shirts, sweatshirts, and sweaters must be a solid color of royal blue, navy blue, grey, maroon, or pink and must have the Belle Creek logo embroidered on the upper left of the shirt. Shirts may be either polo or a crew neck t-shirt. Crew neck sweatshirts and sweaters may be worn. If a v-neck sweater is worn, an approved color uniform crew neck shirt must be worn underneath. Undershirts are only acceptable if worn under the appropriate dress code shirt, and must be an approved uniform shirt color, if visible. Shirts, sweatshirts, and sweaters must be free from holes and tears and must not be excessively tight or baggy. Hooded sweatshirts/sweaters may not be worn in the building.


Pants, Skirts, Shorts

Pants must be a solid color of khaki (tan), navy blue, or black and have a flat or pleated front (no painter’s pants or cargo pants are allowed). Pants must fit the waistline. The cuff of the pants must be hemmed and may not touch the ground. The pants may not be so large that the shoelaces cannot be seen. Pants may not be excessively tight – may not show any descriptive lines of the body.

Leggings may not be worn as pants. Pants or shorts with exterior side pockets may not be worn. Sweatpants and nylon warm-ups are not allowed. No logos on any pants. No denim. No holes or tears.

Shorts and skirts must be a solid color of khaki (tan), navy blue, or black and free of logos. Leggings worn under uniform skirts must be navy, black, gray, or white. Shorts must fit at the waistline. No denim. No holes or tears. The cuff of the shorts must be hemmed and must be fingertip length or longer. Skirts must be knee-length or longer. Skirts or cuffs of pants may not touch the ground, due to safety reasons. Spandex or tightly fitting shorts/pants or skirts are not allowed.   



Belle Creek will be following CDPHE’s guidelines regarding COVID-19 guidelines. Depending on their guidance, all in-person students may be required to wear a mask. Mask should only cover the student’s nose and mouth. Purchased masks worn at school must be school appropriate.


School-sponsored activities, including band and choir, and special events may have specific guidelines concerning appropriate dress.


Those families who qualify for free or reduced lunch can apply for clothing uniform assistance. Please contact the front office for details.


On special occasions when jeans are allowed, jeans must be a solid blue color and may not have designs, patches, or holes in them. Jeans must follow the basic fit requirements for all pants.

Uniform Providers
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