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BCCS Technology

Families of Belle Creek Charter School,

I wanted to introduce our vision of technology as a class, and some of the things your child will be experiencing this year. First and foremost, technology is everywhere. Each year, more parts of our lives are touched by technology, which is also getting faster and stronger at the same time. We strive to teach our students to approach any technology with confidence, and logical problem solving. We will teach them the basics of many of the technologies we use today, and how they work together. We will explore ideas such as how the hardware that comprises our many devices can be so powerful, and the amazing engineering feats that make up the cities around us. Our students are growing into a world where clear communication is a necessity. We will explore many different tools at their disposal to become effective communicators, and develop their own voices. Along those same lines, we will teach our students to navigate the vast information superhighway, and how to stay safe along those journeys. For our older students, we will start to look into the inner workings of these technologies and get our feet wet with some basic computer coding. Finally, as our students begin to leave their own virtual footprints out on the internet, we will enforce good digital citizenship by showing our students the power of growing a positive internet community. I look forward to working with our students this year, and can tell we will make great strides into our technological future.


                Austin Taylor

BCCS Technology Teacher